Dicromantispa interrupta

Dicromantispa interrupta

Friday, May 28, 2010

Onions are a Jones

I love to putter around in the garden just about as much anything. It is so good for the soul, this creation of food from "first principles." Weeds don't have a chance under the gaze of this gardener, although I transplant some of them to more appropriate places. Today I noticed that my grocery store ginger root had sprouted more roots plus shoots. Some folks would just throw it out, but a gardener will consider this a second bite at the apple. So into the garden it went, taking me only about 2 minutes to walk out and back and plant the little sucker. Maintaining a garden after it is set up is easy, taking only an hour or two a week to do the job including harvesting. Mother Garden nurtures me even when I'm on away missions, by provisioning me before the trip and chugging along in my absence. Here are my May harvests, ex radishes and snap beans that got eaten before photoed. Not a lot carbs, I'll admit, but maybe someday people will say, "Buford really knows his onions!"


  1. Man, those onions are looking pretty sweet! And, you're right, I enjoy keeping my hands busy with gardening.