Dicromantispa interrupta

Dicromantispa interrupta

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did I tell you that I like Luckenbach music?

I had just returned home from a 5-day Florida Panhandle work field trip at 7:05pm tonight. I unpacked and started paperwork on field notes and time sheets, but there was a St. Patrick’s Day party going on at the pavilion so it was hard to concentrate. Amplifiers for the country/ western band were set up about a hundred yards from my place, thankfully dialed only to “6” rather than “10.” I tried faithfully to finish my work, really, I did, but then that diabolical band started playing Luckenbach, Texas. One of the band members tried to sound like Waylon Jennings and another like Willie Nelson, and that was the end of me. I love that song. I burst out singing, walked away from the computer and stepped outside, sat down at a picnic table and drank beer and munched on almond clusters. Imagine a band just showing up and playing in your back yard all evening long! Wow! It’s good to be home.